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John is probably the most talented marketing professional I have ever worked with
Nick Close (Managing Director) EPI International Ltd
The Holistic Sale is an original approach to improving your marketability and I strongly recommend it
Andrew Pain (Founder) Impact Life Ltd
Ithaka Driving Sales Growth Programme
"Drive Sales Growth" is a 5 day programme for anyone with a leadership role in sales and marketing.

It is based on the Holistic Sale© model and it provides a framework of best practice processes and strategies to drive and sustain strong sales growth.

Key Programme Features
  • The Holistic Sale model has four elements that combine to drive sales growth.
  • Each element contains best practice processes, tools and worksheets to teach you how to drive sales.
  • Message Stack© is a solid structure for creating messages that clearly define what makes you different.
  • Blueprint© is a framework for developing the right marketing strategy.
  • Network© is a powerful set of tools for effective lead generation.
  • Navigator© is a proven sales methodology for winning business and developing long term relationships.
Programme Benefits
  • High levels of productivity because clear strategies target buyers in the right way.
  • Strong brand awareness because messages are clear, concise and compelling and they differentiate you.
  • Vibrant sales pipeline because of a focussed plan which builds momentum.
  • Improved sales effectiveness through an efficient sales process which shortens sales cycles and improves your win-rate.
  • Repeat business as satisfied buyers become advocates who buy again and refer you to others.
  • Higher morale because people spend less time solving problems and more time on productive activities. They enjoy work more and this results in better performance and lower turnover.
Programme Information
  • It is aimed at anyone who has a product, service or idea they want to sell and any situation where you build a relationship.
  • It applies to any manager, director, founder or sales, marketing or customer service person.
  • It applies to any business of any size.
  • Fees are £3,200 + VAT.
  • Matched funding support may be available through GrowthAccelerator.
  • Download an overview of "Drive Sales Growth" here.