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Increasing sales is a critical part of any organisation, but have you ever wondered why some people are better at sales than others? Using Insights Discovery, we can help you to:
  • Understand how personality impacts on selling styles
  • Identify the personality traits of your best performers
  • Identifying the personality traits of your under performers
  • Developing an action plan to improve under performers
  • Look out for key strengths when building/recruiting a sales team
Ithaka Leadership can deliver this on site as a one day intervention. It would include an additional Insights Discovery chapter called Effective Selling, some of which is shown in the image opposite. To view an example of The Insights Discovery profile and Effective Selling chapter click below:

Selling into Major Accounts - Diploma
For those wanting to fully develop their sales strategy, we recommend our work based Diploma. This is a practical, highly intensive programme designed to take your direct and indirect teams through a work based journey to work as one, united sales team.

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Funding is available
for SME businesses in England and can be used towards our programmes.
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