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Get Culture Change right and you will get the best results.

But what’s ‘right’ depends on your values, ethics and goals, and that's why changing an organisation’s culture is one of the most difficult leadership challenges. That’s because culture comprises an interrelated set of goals, roles, processes, values, communications practices, attitudes and assumptions. And as people with different attitudes and behaviours are involved at each stage, this makes lasting change difficult to achieve.

That’s why isolated initiatives appear to make progress for a while, but then they start to fail.

The only way to achieve real and sustainable culture change is by taking a holistic approach that considers all the elements and how they work together. And changing culture is really about changing behaviour, because this is what drives everything else.
Steps to culture change success
5 step Culture Change Approach
We have a proven approach to culture change that has delivered consistent results;

1. Assess the current culture to clearly understand what it looks like. We use AMICI Cultural Audit for this.

2. Set a clear Vision and Strategy that incorporates the values and beliefs that defines the culture you want to develop.

3. Define the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders and make sure everyone understands exactly what’s expected of them.

4. Develop and implement the management and operational processes that will underpin behaviour change and support your ways of working.

5. Promote clear, open communication which drives continuous improvement.

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