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The "Ithaka Leadership Programme" is an 8 day leadership programme spread over 8 months for Directors and Senior Managers.

Just a refreshingly simple - but very well thought through development process for giving you, as a crucial person in your business, the thinking-space, the motivation and the 'peer group' framework to work ON not just IN the business.
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  • To have your views challenged.
  • To have your perceptions of where you are most effective in the business challenged.
  • To tackle issues that are holding you and the business back.
  • To feel the pressure of having to hammer out solutions and action them - whilst all the time being scrutinised by people just as capable as you and with similar job responsabilities.
  • To be astonished at just how much impact time out of the business can have on the business.
  • To enable and inspire your staff and teams to achieve more than they thought was possible.
  • To laugh a fair bit.
  • To look back and realise how valuable the Ithaka Leadership journey has been for you.
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  • How can the business create an environment to generate more sales?
  • How do I get quality time to focus on the business?
  • Am i really effective as a business leader?
  • Everything comes back to me - why can't people think for themselves?
  • How can I better manage under performing teams and individuals?
  • How can I get more out of my high performers?
  • I need to improve my work life balance - my family are important to me!
  • It's lonely at the top - it would be great to share my problems confidentially.
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  • For Directors and Senior Managers involved in a business leadership role.
  • This leadership course is £2,700 + VAT excluding accreditation
  • Optional Accreditation to gain a Diploma in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Lv 5 is an additional £850 + VAT
  • Work based projects will be expected, regardless of accreditation option

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“The programme removed the feeling of being "lonely at the top " because I was in a group with a vastly experienced facilitator, and other leaders with similar challenges. We discussed issues in a confidential and safe environment, and this delivered ideas that I've used to totally transform the business”
Jame Houston, ­ Managing Director, ­ Jones and Palmer Ltd
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Diploma in Professional Development 80 Cat Points

Duration: 8 Days delivered in 2 day blocks spread over a 8 month period

Start Date 2016:
Day 1 & 2……….Thur 15th & Fri 16th Sept
Day 3 & 4……….Mon 14th & Tues 15th Nov
Day 5 & 6……….Mon 23rd & Tues 24th Jan
Day 7 & 8……….TBC

Day 1 and 2 will be held at Staverton Park, Daventry Road, Staverton, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN1 6JT. Future venues will be discussed with the group

Price: £2,700 + VAT (Optional Diploma Accreditation is additional £850 + VAT)

Group Size: Max 8 - only 4 places left

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