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Starting with a blank sheet of paper, we work closely with organisations to design and develop unique programmes of learning that deliver specific bottom line results for your organisation. Using a range of tools and techniques, we get to the heart of where leaders and managers need specific development and learning and we tailor our approach to the development requirements of each participant. Our leadership model builds on the Insights Discovery Programme and Leadership Practice Inventory to guide the participants through a challenging yet rewarding journey of leadership exploration. Work based learning is at the heart of everything we do and we draw on current work related challenges as part of our scenario based learning. To underpin workshop activity, our programmes typically contain work based projects. Not only is this an opportunity to put learning into practice, it also enables the organisation to positively impact the bottom line and measure return on investment.


Join a highly confidential group of business leaders to discuss issues that you might otherwise not wish to discuss internally. This is a peer group support framework which has a strict maximum of up to 8 leaders per group.

Chief Executives, Managing Directors and other Board Members rarely have the time to attend training courses and workshops. Most small and medium organisations don't have the resources in the form of Boards and Non Executives to help their business leaders tackle challenging operational and strategic problems. Ithaka Leadership Development run a number of Business Leaders Forums across the UK where leaders and senior executives get together to share issues in a totally confidential "Chatham House Rules" peer network.

These Forums are often described by business leaders as having a non - executive board at a mere fraction of the cost. For a nominal fee, business leaders have access to 3 half day sessions plus one full day session and the ability to network with other business leaders.

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When asked, most Managing Directors, Chief Executives and Directors will admit to having little or no formal development in leadership capability. In fact, most executives are promoted because of their technical expertise, not due to their strategic leadership or people management capability. Training courses are not the answer.

Our team of Executive Coaches are appointed to work with key individuals to develop capability and strategic thinking. All of our Coaches have either run businesses, or held key strategic positions in business and draw on a wealth of experience to guide and develop the participant through their one to one executive development. Being a fresh pair of eyes, the Coach will bring an alternative approach to entrenched business problems. Some organisations engage us to coach and develop key talent identified as potential future business leaders.


How well are each of your leaders performing?

In our experience, most Managing Directors and Chief Executives have been promoted because they are fantastic technical operators. They are not promoted on the basis of their people development skills and managing business capability. Our Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) assesses leadership capability through a 360 degree measurement tool thereby enabling the organisation to identify specific areas where training intervention is required.


Designed for leaders of business that want the work in a highly confidential peer support network with up to 7 other leaders. This 8 day programme is spread over 7 months and helps you work on your business, not in it!

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